As a security service provider, we are constantly striving to meet our clients’ expectations and the changing demands of the industry.

As a result, business owners are able to focus on strategically growing their businesses and maximising their profits while being accurately compliant with the government’s requirements for safety and security.

Therefore, in order to keep up with the best practices in the industry, we have recently undergone restructuring of our operations management as well as revamping our work processes to increase productivity – such as in our planning, deployment, attendance, and merging it seamlessly with the payroll system, all this with embracing various software and technologies.

Moreover, in order to keep our security officers motivated, we are one of the early adopters of such welfare and benefits such as Annual Bonus, additional Annual Leave, paying wages in access of the progressive wage structure. We have renewed (for a further three years) the Collective Agreement with the Union of Security Employees (USE) that places on record the additional welfare and benefits we have for our men.


Our Mission


Our Mission

Service excellence with committed staff, led by a world class experienced management team. We bring the best combina-tion of technology and manpower to maximize value for the client, while protecting their assets.


Our Vision

To become the premier security agency built upon client confidence and successful execution of our value-added services.

Our Core Values



From the top management to the managers and supervisors, we all have a culture of stewardship and learn to take respon-sibility for the areas or tasks we are in-charge of or are given. This also involves setting an example for our subordinates to strive towards.


Honour is meeting one’s responsibilities and obligations ie. training of staff, timely payment of salaries and reimburse-ment of claims, execution of duties, meet and surpass client requirements, etc. It means being able to stand up for one’s colleagues. Finally, honour means having the nature to reward and retain staff while disciplining (where needed) in private and with respect.


Operating with honesty and integrity is how we run our business. This means our clients will get what has been agreed to contractually (or even more, where possible) and not be short-changed in any way. We believe that integrity and trust-tworthiness are cornerstones for a long business relationship with our clients.

Our Management Team


Ms. Ranjeet – Managing Director

Ms. Ranjeet is a security practitioner for 30 over years and is in charge of overall stewardship of the company including human resource and cash flow management. With her at the helm, our Officers have their training and career progression monitored, get their salaries & incentives paid as well as claims reimbursed, in a timely manner. We also have sufficient funds set aside to enable us to be ready and able to take on any new project.

Mr. D S Maran – Director (Operations)

Mr. D S Maran brings years of experience as the top operational head of several agencies as well as a stint managing a technology company that was into hard-ware and software.

With these experiences, and supported by Technology Partners and stable Operations Managers and Executives, he is well capable of managing deployment planning; security risk surveys; incorporation of technology for video-analytics and security automation such as visitor management systems, electronic attendance and incident management systems; proper tracking of attendance and roster planning and linked with Human Resource Management Systems (to ensure proper tracking of salaries, overtime, CPF etc).

Give us an opportunity to meet with you to further elaborate how our services can assist you in your physical security needs.