About Centurion

Our background story

Centurion Security was founded as KS Security Agency by the late Captain Karam Singh in 1980.

Having served the community as Centurion Security Management Services sole proprietorship for 40 years, the company incorporated into Centurion Security Ptd Ltd in 2020, to mark its 40th year anniversary and transition towards the next generation of leadership.

Centurion Security now operates with a startup environment and culture, supported by the experience and expertise of industry pioneers, to drive innovation and develop core competencies to lead the 21st century digital security industry in Singapore.

Meet Our Management Team

Director / CEO

Arwinder Singh

Arwinder Singh has over 6 years of experience in leading large teams and businesses across Asia Pacific, prior to joining Centurion Security in 2020.

He has a Master of Business Administration from SMU, Bachelor of Science (Physics) from NUS, and various Accounting, Finance, Analytics, and Technology certifications.

Arwinder’s leadership style is centred around the belief that autonomous and competent teams are built through freedom and responsibility.


Ranjeet Kaur

Ranjeet Kaur joined Centurion Security in 1980, and took over the company as sole proprietor in 1995. With the incorporation of Centurion Security in 2020, Ranjeet maintains controlling interest of the company as major shareholder.

With over 40 years of experience in the security industry, and a Diploma in Security Management, she continues to guide and consult Centurion Security’s leadership team in all matters from administration and finance to operations.

Channel News Asia (CNA) Interviews our Director

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