Security Services

If you are in the need of man guards, our team deploys highly trained and licensed Security Officers at your site 24/7. Our Security Officers are trained to protect people and property in accordance with the standards set by the Singapore Police Force.

As a regional hub for international meetings, conferences, and exhibitions, our team is trained to provide international quality security for events in Singapore. Events security requires skilled coordination between different stakeholders, and often involves customized security solutions to meet different events needs.

Our team performs Security Risk Assessments including Site Show-Rounds, Security Audits, Security Surveys, and Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessments. These risk assessments are crucial in uncovering underlying security risks or threats facing your business, as well as control measures required.

Our company believes strongly that the future of security in Singapore centres around technology. Our management team invests heavily in building competencies related to the administration and implementation of technology to supplement and surpass the effectiveness of man guarding security services.

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