Security Guards

Centurion Security has been providing security guard services in Singapore for 40 years, in which Licensed Security Officers are deployed to your site 24/7 by our operations team, and monitored by our Command Centre. Each Security Officer undergoes vigorous training designed to prepare them to react to any potential security situation. Our security guard services provide you with complete peace of mind, and protection of your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our operations team works hard to deploy permanent Security Officers to sites, with a dedicated relief pool ready to stand in on off days and emergencies. We ensure that your site is continuously protected throughout the year from any potential risks that may arise. Our security guard services are available all around Singapore.

We aim to provide maximum value for our clients either via locked in pricing or incorporation of technology. We believe in retaining our clients by providing complete satisfaction with our security guard services, and building long-term relationships which focus on solving constantly evolving security challenges. We believe that Security Agencies and Clients should work as partners against security threats, rather than merely contractually bound parties focused on fulfilling contractual terms and conditions.

Our fully functional Command Centre is capable of monitoring sites 24/7 via CCTV with a controller on hand to assist with deployment, incident management and silent hours site checks. Our Command Centre makes use of the most innovative technology, ensuring that we can efficiently communicate between our teams no matter the circumstances at the time.

In order to provide you with only the best security guards in Singapore, all officers are given a 1 to 3 day On-the-Job Training (OJT) at the site to ensure their familiarity with the Site Standing Orders as well as our own Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). This allows for fast reaction to any threats from the very start of the contract, with no down time used for training or educational purposes.

Once the officer is deployed as a permanent guard for the site, he is then groomed for various site tasks such as access control, clocking / patrolling, incident management, monitoring CCTV, visitor & contractor management, etc. We then plan and train officers, for long term engagement progression as security specialists, in accordance with the Progressive Wage Model (PWM).

Our Operations Team plans regular site visits to review Security Officers job performance and also interact with clients on service quality reviews. Through our regular visits, we can ensure that each member of our team are completing their job to the highest possible standard, ensuring that we fulfill our role as a top security guard agency in Singapore.

Monthly, our Service Quality Manager and/or Compliance Manager will perform Supervisory Checks at the site for the purpose of checking or updating on site vulnerabilities, officer performance, obtaining complaints or feedback. All of these are then evaluated and corrective and preventive measures taken for continuous improvement. By maintaining a policy of continuous improvement, we can make sure that your site is effectively protected throughout the year, keeping up with any technology updates, whilst providing ongoing training to guarantee the highest quality services.

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