Risk Assessments

In the modern world of technology, it has become more important than ever to upgrade your security systems. Hackers have better technology than ever and without the right systems in place, your business data could be at risk. We can offer a security audit for companies throughout Singapore, ensuring that they have the security measures in place to fight against potential attackers.

At Centurion Security, we have created our own security risk assessment, that has been designed to quickly identify any potential risk to your business, allowing you to respond as fast and efficiently as possible. By fighting any potential risk at the onset, we can help you to significantly reduce the potential of any security threat.

Our assessment will begin by identifying any vulnerabilities in your system that have the potential to be exploited. We then break down each of these vulnerabilities, looking at the severity of their impact, as well as the likelihood of them occurring. Through this process, we consider factors such as injury, loss of life, reputation loss, business continuity and a range of other factors that may impact your business in the future. We then construct a detailed report of these vulnerabilities, which will be presented to Top Management or the Board of Directors. We do this so that we can mitigate any threats and produce timelines and budgets in order to enhance your security.

After this has been completed, our team will provide you with a post-audit review, which will be conducted every three to six months. By doing this, we can efficiently measure the impact of your new security measures, making sure they have been successfully implemented. At the same time, we can re-assess the measures and realign them should any security measures require any adaptations.

We perform site show-rounds, security audits, security risk surveys and Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessments (TVRA) for our clients to understand the underlying security related risks & threats facing them, the extent of their existing control measures and also to provide recommendation how these can be enhanced, while considering budget and the Returns on their Investment.

We perform various kinds of physical security assessments, audits and reviews, either to supplement our core services of security solutions (manpower & technology) or as stand-alone services.

Site Surveys or Site Show-Rounds are where we are invited to attend a site briefing by the client, where we do a physical walk around to gauge the number of access points, security threats and the security site duties, etc. A proposal or quotation is then provided for clients’ consideration.

Site surveys may be also a part of a security tender that be Headcount Based, Performance Based or Outcome Based.

Traditional Headcount Based contracts are those where clients require our costing for solely manpower to secure their premises. Technology is either offered as a freebie or client may utilise other vendors.

Performance Based contracts where clients’ set certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are evaluated monthly and the fee to be determined as a percentage of the contract sum.

Outcome Based Contracting (OBC) is where the service buyer and us collaborate to define the Security Outcomes as well as the associated KPIs to gauge the outcomes delivered (via man and technology). This collaborative approach to security contracting is the way forward and we are able to cater to this.

Security Audits or Security Risk Surveys are where we utilise a thorough checklist, evaluate the threats and vulnerabilities and come up with recommendations. The recommendations suggested are to reduce the likelihood of the security related threat from occurring in order to bring the risk level to a low level.

Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment (TVRA) is a thorough assessment of all aspects of infrastructure, local or international security related incidents, people (human error), adequacy of SOPs and processes, etc. Present security measures are considered to see adequacy to mitigate threats.

Vulnerabilities to assess where conditions exist that can be exploited by potential adversaries are evaluated too. Severity, likelihood and impact are considered in relation to injury, loss of life, reputation loss, business continuity etc.

Once a detailed report has been finalised and submitted, a presentation to Top Management or the Board of Directors is conducted of the summary of the TVRA exercise, the enhanced measures to mitigate threats with timelines and budgets involved for the execution.

A post audit review can be conducted every 3 to 6 months to check the implementation of the enhanced measures as well as to see if any realignment is required based on latest security related threats globally. 

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