Security Solutions

We have aligned ourselves very closely with the Security Industry Transformation Map (ITM) and the Industry Digitalisation Plan (IDP), by adopting the technologies outlined within Stage 1 of the IDP and have adopted about halfway the suggested technologies for Stage 2 and Stage 3 of the IDP.

An investment that we made is our Human Resource Management System (HRMS) which our officers use the Android Tablet that we place at all sites to record their attendance, check their leave balance and also apply for leave. Their pay-slips and Key Employment Terms (KETs) are also uploaded here and they can access these anytime and anywhere as our HRMS is a web-based platform.

Incident Management is managed by a software that our Security Officers utilize a handheld device to record the 4W (Who, What, Why & When) and 1H (How) of any incident that occurs on site. The software is backed by an engine that is accessed at our Command Centre for follow up or After Action Review (AAR) to understand the Lessons Learnt and what improvements can be implemented to Prevent Recurrence.

Continuous Education & Training (CET) is via our eLearning platform we have various modules on aspects of security threat assessment, security SOPs, etc. On an ongoing basis, we have engaged a content developer and we have four new modules added on annually. These modules are based on our own occurrences of learning value, site exercises and any national or international security related incidents. As with our HRMS, the eLearning platform is also able to accessed anywhere by our officers for their continuous learning.

We also have Visitor Management Systems at sites (for visitor and contractor management). These are all compliant with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and allow for ease of recording of visitors and contractors access. It also helps with data archiving and retrieval as with a few clicks the system is searchable for any vehicle no.

Video Analytics, Facial Recognition, Remote Barrier operation are some of the other technologies that we incorporate for clients, as needed. These we work with our technology partners as they are the experts and the partnership allows to cut down some headcount for added savings for the client. This coupled with long term contracts means we can offer real value for the client with state of the art technology, cost savings and all in a win-win for us and them.

An aspect of technology that we have embarked on for our officers is the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for training. With this, our men are able to experience various security related scenarios that enhances their operational readiness.

Surveillance drones and robotics are an aspect of technology that we can assist clients where required for remote surveillance or monitoring, all of which is able to be accessed by our Command Centre.

Software and Technology enables us to assist our Security Officers on the ground to be more effective and efficient, while allowing us (from our Command Centre) to be the core for the command and control of the entire operations.

From our clients’ point of view, with the integration of these various software & technology solutions, we can offer unique integrated manpower cum technology solutions that brings the best of both for value added arrangements for our clients’. This can take the shape of long term contracts to amortise the costs involved, reduced manpower supplemented by technology and the cost savings re-channelled to salary increments or additional welfare of our men.

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